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WhatsHappeningBirmingham.com & App is owned & operated by First Impressions   Marketing Group, LLC.  First Impressions Marketing Group, LLC is a Birmingham,    Alabama media & marketing company that specializes in promotions, event planning,  market research, and consulting. The company, founded in 2007 by President Jarvis  Escott, has provided marketing services to over 75,000 events and businesses locally,  regionally, and nationally. The company has received several awards from the Birmingham   Business Journal and Summit Media. In 2010, the company launched    WhatsHappeningBirmingham.com. This site informs people daily of "what's happening"  in   the Birmingham metro area when it comes to news, events, and local  businesses. In 2013, the company launched “What’s Happening Birmingham” App on iPhone,  iPad and Android. 

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